Depression and Hair Loss

Your appearance is largely defined by the way your hair looks. After all, why else would people be spending hundreds and thousands of dollars each year having it styled and on the various products designed to keep hair looking healthy, lustrous, and young? For many people, hair is a symbol of their youth, their vitality.… Continue reading Depression and Hair Loss

What Prevents Someone from Doing Something About Hair Loss?

Even though hair loss is known to lead to depression and a loss of confidence, many people will not take steps in finding proactive solutions to hair loss. In one way this is highly unusual. If you found that a stiff neck was making it difficult for you to sleep, thereby making you feel either… Continue reading What Prevents Someone from Doing Something About Hair Loss?

What is Alopecia?

The word alopecia originates from its Latin term meaning “baldness in all forms.”  Alopecia is a physical condition that affects the hair follicle, causing partial or total hair loss.  This type of hair loss strikes both men and women of any age or ethnic group.  While this condition does not threaten the life of its… Continue reading What is Alopecia?